My hands

23 09 2010

The hand on the left

There are over 50 brilliant little sparkles
Passionate beautiful representations of love
The yellow gold is for royalty and loyalty
The white gold is purity and pride
The sparkling stars plucked from the heavens
Now rest on the ring finger of my left hand

Hand Haiku

Pink,chubby digits
Smooth and pallid fingertips
Great for smacking things

Hand Limerick

There once was a hand from an island
A vision of beauty and stylin’
Then a rude Taiwanese
On her hand he did sneeze
He was smacked all the way back to Thailand

If Shel Silverstein were to write a poem about my hands …

My hands, my hands,
My lands, my lands.
How did I get my lands?
With my hands.

H urts when you meet them
A bnormally formed middle fingers
N ecessary for writing
D igits are quite chubby
S lapping is an art




One response

23 09 2010

When I did this activity, my writing was serious and a bit melancholy, so I really appreciate your sharing of these witty, light-hearted poems as exemplars of what can be done with the “Write About Your Hands” freewriting activity. Your writing also illustrates what Elbow means about open process writing, where you sit and just let loose whatever wants to flow from your pen.

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