23 09 2010

What are your thoughts on this rampant disease affecting millions of seniors? How do you cope?




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28 09 2010
Lianis Martinez, Nicole Malave, Viviana Jimenez, Alejandra Roca, Natalia Fernandez & Diana Rivera

Senioritis is a desease suffered by all seniors around the world. You begin to have senioritis the first day you get Senior Year. Suddenly everything changes in your life, you experience new things. Your get very emotional, you have different feelings and things that didn’t matter before know become important. Your attitude changes completly and you feel different. Some of the side effects are :
1. Cronic Tardiness = you’re always late to your classes
2. The God Complex = (ruler of the universe) you feel you’re superior
3. Sleepiness = you’re always sleeping during classes
4. Academic Pressure = increases in social activities & unpresidented fear of the future
5. Decrease in Academic Perfomances
6. Increase or Decrease in eating
7. Retrocede into the past
8. Nostalgia (strong emotions)
9. Re-evaluate relationships (with friends)
10. Selective Memory
11. Panic ( extracurricular activities)

Be aware because once you get to Senior Year : You will have SENIORITIS !!!

28 09 2010

Some spelling mistakes.

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