To Kill a Mockingbird Diary Entries

23 09 2010

Each student was to write a diary entry in which she was to imagine being a character from the novel To Kill A Mockingbird.
Each student must post her diary entry here.




28 responses

24 09 2010
Lara Anderson

Dear Diary,

I just arrived to town to stay for a while in my brother’s house and to see my niece and nephew. I’ve always wanted for my niece, Scout, to be the perfect Southern-lady and to be more feminine. She always gets mad when I try to make her change and wear dresses to school. My brother Atticus, always let them do everything they want; he hasn’t raise them too well. I just found out that Atticus is defending a black man. I can’t believe that he would do that to our family. He is endangering and putting our family badly represented. I hope he doesn’t go on with this and that he realizes what a big mistake he is making.

Alexandra Hancock

24 09 2010
Cecilia Gordillo

Dear Diary,

Today, I spent the entire day at that stinking trial.
My daddey accuse that stinking niggah of rapping me. That stupid Atticus was disrespecting me and my daddey. He was calling me Miss and saying that my daddey hit me.
Everybody believed our lie. We got away w’it althou I don’t feel fine about it.
My daddey said that if I didn’t do it, he was gonna hit me. I don’t wan that so I did it, I lie. Now Tom is dead.
People should watch out. My daddey is plenty mad. He’s gonna get revenge, for my name is Mayella Ewell.
Mayella Violet Finch

28 09 2010

It’s raping, not rapping. A very big difference.

2 09 2013
chiken man

Mayella isnt a Finch

24 09 2010
Alexandra Calderon

October 31, 1930
Dear Diary:

I just got home from Atticus’ house. He called me because his children were attacked earlier this evening. Poor Jem was unconscious, lying on his bed. I assessed his state of being. He had a broken arm and was bruised everywhere. I gave him anesthesia so that he could rest until tomorrow. For his arm, I immobilized it; he should be ale to use it in a couple of months, but he will not be able to play football any longer. I told Atticus that I would stop by to check on him early in the morning. Thank God nothing happened to Scout; it would be impossible for Atticus to take care of his children if they were both in Jem’s condition.
I simply don’t understand why someone would harm innocent children. My grief is unspeakable. I hope that my treatment will make Jem feel well soon. In the mean time I will help Atticus in every way I can.

-Dr. Reynolds

24 09 2010
Claudia Amaral

Dear Diary:

Today was Tom Robinson’s trial. I, as his boss, know that he is innocent of the crime he was accused of. He wouldn’t be capable of hurting anyone, especially a white woman. In the middle of the trial, I decided to stand up and tell the judge that Tom is innocent, I could’t help seeing him falsely accused. When I stood up, I told that I’ve known Tom Robinson all my life and he would never do anything like that, he was clearly innocent. The judge, however, became angry at my comment and ordered me to leave the court. I think this was a very unfair action, since I think I have a right to express myself at court. It wasn’t right for the judge to ban me from court, I wasn’t doing any harm, I was just expressing that Tom Robinson is an innocent man. When the hearing was over, I was angry to hear Tom Robinson was declared guilty, since he was clearly innocent. This just goes to show that Maycomb is an extremely racist country.

Link Deas

24 09 2010
Patricia Kierce

Dear Diary,
I just got outta court. What a stinkin’ long trial. They’s fools. I still won even though I lied. I lied about Tom, but I won. They’s believed me. I knows I would win ’cause I’m white. I was still nervous ’bout me and Mayella. I don’t care if Tom was innocent. I cares ’bout us only.
That Atticus Finch sure made me look awful bad. I hate him. He’s a negro lover. He made everything harder. He deserves revenge. Imma kill him. Nah, imma kill his children on Halloween. Oh I’ll get ’em. They’s won’t knows it’s me. I’ll get away with it like wit the trial.
I still want my money, alcohol, and my family is irritatin’.
Bob Ewell

24 09 2010
Laura Maza

Dear Diary:
Today will be the last day Jem reads to me as his punishment for destroying my flowers. I always say what I think to them about their father and how he is defending that black man. That is just wrong and shouldn’t be done, but he is a wonderful man even though. I have a feeling that I will die soon. I have battled my addiction and have been succeding. They are good children evenn though they bother every single person in this town. I am happy that they are coming to read because they keep me company and help me think about other things in life. The weakness in me grows stronger and I know I will die soon. I hope i die free.
Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose

28 09 2010

Only Jem goes to read to her, not both children.

24 09 2012

but Scout goes with him, surely that’s what they were implying
i like your positive feedback and how you don’t only comment on the ones where there has been a mistake. keep it up!
sorry. i know this was a few years ago now.

24 09 2010
Rebeca Delfino

Dear diary,
Today was my trial date, which was useless since I knew I was gonna lose cause im a “negro”. My lawyer Mr. Atticus presented a superb argument in my defense, but the end result was obvious. I was Charged with the rape of Mayella Eweld. Mayella and her whole family are typical southern white trash. Im sad, not because of my unfair trial, but for my wife and children. Knowing that my family and all African Americans will continue to be treat like shit. I feel anger towards society because they know that my trial was unfair but they will continue to discriminate against my race.
A dead man, Tom Robinson

24 09 2010
Joanna Gonzalez

Dear Diary,
Today wasn’ a normal day. It was a day where I felt many emotions due to what happen’ to me and my big brother. We were on our way home from the school’s Pageant, then outta nowhere a stranger appeared and began attackin’ me and Jem! I couldn’ see who it was but all I know is that Jew was yellin’ and tryin’ to fight the stranger. Until, another person came an’ he began fightn’ with the bad man and then the fightn’ stopped. The good guy took Jem home and there I saw that all this time it was Boo! I couldn’ believe Boo Radley saved me and my brother’s life! Mr. Heck Tate was tellin’ Atticus that Bob was dead an’ that he died by killin’ himself when he fell to the ground and stabbed his stomach. Atticus didn’ believe Mr. Tate, so I defended Boo. I thought that hurtin’ Boo would be like killin’ a mockingbird, just what Atticus said to me.

Scout Finch

24 09 2010
Mistral Cedanio

Saturday, July 23, 1935
Dear Diary:
Today, I had to declare an innocent man guilty; it was the verdict the jury dictated so I couldn’t do much for him anyway. The man is Thomas Robinson, and according to Mr. Robert Ewell, he raped his daughter Mayella Ewell. Mr. Atticus Finch was the lawyer assigned to defend Thomas Robinson, and now everybody’s callin’ him a Negro-lover for doin’ his job. He defended very well and proved to everybody that Thomas was innocent, but because Tom is black he lost the case. Like y’all know, Mr. Ewell is a lyin’ rat but he still won the case. I jist can’t believe that even he would do such a thin’ to his daughter, his own flesh an’ blood an’ then force her to lie about it, but Tom couldn’ win the case either so we’ll jist have to forget ’bout it for now.

John Taylor

24 09 2010
Marta Irene Blanco

Dear Diary,
I can’t believe that Miss Caroline didn’t know we Ewell’s never go to school. Why’d she have to go and make a big fuss when everybody already knows it? We ewells see no sense in going to school. What for? Already my sister and my dad know, what’s the use? It’s not like writing or reading will help me any. I got everything I need right here. There’s no sense in going to school…
Burris Ewell

Dear Diary,
My sister has gotten herself into some real bad things. They’re saying this nigger tried to rape her! I dunno, this sounds no good. I’m scared! There’s supposed to be this trial thing that’s gonna make this bad man pay; I don’t know this sounds like trouble to me! Nothing good ain’t never gonna come from a nigger, niggers only mean trouble and I don’t like trouble when I see it. I hope this black pays for what he’s done. My poor big sister… This is probably half her fault for not noticing this man’s intentions. Ain’t it obvious talikng or even being close to a nigger ain’t no good? We are way to different to get along, those niggers don’t understand a thing we whites say, hell we whites don’t understand a thing those negroes say either.
Burris Ewell

25 09 2010
Viviana Rosado

Dear Diary:
I am a white man who lives in a community in Alabama. I’m a periodist and i don’t liike the prejudiceand racism i see all around me. Today something bad happened, an innocent black man got killed because of something he didn’t do, but since he was black no one believed him. I decided to write an article about this man’s death and compared it to a mockingbird. A few days ago a mob of men came to the prison next to my working place which is also my house. They came with the idea of killing the black man who died today, but this little girl came out of nowhere and told something to all of the men and got them to go.
Braxton Bragg Underwood

28 09 2010

It’s reporter, not perodist.

25 09 2010
Natalia Orobitg

July 26, 1930
Dear diary:
My nephew is coming today and I have to prepare the house. I want to gossip with my neighbors but I can’t because Dill is coming. About the case of Mr. Finch what on the world was he thinking when he decided to defend a Negro? Ok, diary, I’ll leave you here; I’ll come later.

July 26, 1930
Dear diary:
I’m back! My nephew is bigger, but still a kid. He’s right know playing with the nigger lover, but whatever he’s happy. I want to help him as best as I can especially these days after the death of his father. Diary I’ll write tomorrow. Thanks.
Rachel Haverford

26 09 2010
Laura Díaz

Dear Diary:
I feel as if everyone in Maycomb judges me. They think that because I’m always a “drunk”, I’m a bad person. People don’t know I act drunk. Why does it matter if I have a black wife and mulatto children? Why do people think this is wrong? The truth is I really don’t care what people think about me because I love my wife and my kids.
Today I was in the courtroom watching poor Mr. Robinson get accussed of raping Mayella Ewel. I saw this kid who was with Jean Louis Finch and was hacing a stomach ache because he thought the case was unfair. I gave him some of my Coca-Cola and he was very surprised to see that it was Coca-Cola in my cup instead of alcohol. Today I felt very good and I hope all the days are like this one.
Dolphus Raymond

26 09 2010
Frances Dumont

Dear Diary,

I just got home from the Finch’s house. Today, Aunt Alexandra went back to her house. The day she arrived, for the first time in a long time i felt different. Instead of saying hello and being nice like everyone else, she started screaming at me. Yes, I know I’m black and times like these may affect me but, I mean, she doesn’t know anything about me or my life. Why judge me then?


26 09 2010
Arianna G. Jiménez

Dear Diary:

I just got shocking news today. My husband got killed in jail. He was accused of rape, declared guilty and send to jail. I’m devastated about this, I mean just because we are Negroes doesn’t mean we aren’t human beings, too. I don’t know what to do. I can’t get a job anywhere and I have children to support. I’m so lost right now.
Helen Robinson

27 09 2010
Paula Bechara

Dear Dairy:
Today at school my teacher noticed that I din’ have any lunch so she wanted to lend me money and I din’ wana take it since i can’t pay her back. I felt so bad but it don’t end there because Scout had to explain to her why I din’ wana take the money. The best thing that happened was that i got to have a nice dinner, but I was teased about how I eat. I sit feel bad ’bout what I did and because I spilled to much gravy on my meal, the Finch are very nice but Scout is not that nice, she thinks she is toff. I am happy that I get the chance to go to school, not all my friends go to school. I very happy that this day was all done.

-Walter Cunningham

27 09 2010
Anna Garcia

Dear diary,

My brother is a handful. I can’t let him go out. All of the people think he’s strange and there are rumors spread about him. He’s a huge burden. I discovered the he is now putting small gifts fro those kids, Scout and Jem, in the hole of a tree. This needs to stop immediately. I will end it at once. This will only lead to more trouble if I don’t. As soon as I can i will fill up the hole in the tree with cement. If the children ask about it, i’ll say the tree is sick. Arthur cannot be putting things in a hole for those kids. I can’t take this anymore. Scout and Jem will not stop trying to provoke Arthur just so they can see him. If only people wouldn’t spread rumors about him they would not care. I will most definitely fill that hole up as soon as possible and that should put an end to it. No more of this. Arthur will remain inside and will not be allowed to give things to those kids anymore. They can spread all the rumors they want. He’s not to go out and that’s final.
Nathan Radley

28 09 2010
Maria Isabel Carvajal

Dear Diary,
Today was a long an exhausting day. Today was the trial of Tom Robinson, the Negro accused of rape. I was a witness and had to share with the judge and jury what I saw the day of the event. Now, I will share with you my experience.

As sheriff of this town, I was at the police department when Mr. Bob Ewell came running through the door, screaming that her daughter had been raped. When I arrived at his house, I saw ninteen-year-old Mayella Ewell, the victim, lying on the floor. She was badly bruised, especially the left side of her face. Mr. and Miss Ewell informed me that Tom Robinson was responsible for her bad shape, so I went to his house and arrested him. There was no doubt in my mind that Mr. Robinson, a Negro, could’ve done it.

But today, when I was listening to Atticus’s defense, I was faced with the realization that Mr. Robinson was innocent and found guilty because he was black.

Heck Tate

29 09 2010
Yamirelys Rivera

Dear Diary,
Today I found out that Atticus is going to work with Tom Robinson’s case. I don’t know why he is trying to play the “negros defender” instead of paying attention to his wild and hyper children. I’ve heard that they are playing in Boo Radley’s yard. Just wait until he sees them, because I’m sure that he’s brave enough to get them out of the yard, and not necessarily in a good way. Everybody is talking about taht Finch’s family and, not that i like to gossip or something, but I don’t really see a good future for this family.
-Stephanie Crawford

5 10 2010
Valerie Chaloka

Dear Diary:
Yesterday I went to teach to the school that I work. There was a kid that didn’t bring his lunch and I told him that he could borrow money. He didn’t want to. One little girl called Scout told me that he was just a Cunningham and they don’t borrow things that they cannot bring back. I didn’t believe her and scold her. Today something similar happended, there was one kid from Ewelle family that was very dirty. I told him to go home and clean himself. Some kid told me that he was just an Ewelle and they only come one day to school and then they will never come back. I don’t understand what is going on in this school.
-Caroline Fiher

3 03 2013

To Kill a Mockingbird
My name is Atticus I am a social justice lawyer. I believe in justice and the justice system. I don’t like criminal law, yet I accepts the appointment to Tom Robinsons case. I like to fight for right things I don’t care whatever others says to me. I think law is same for everyone; I don’t like those people who discriminate other people by their skin colour and their standard of living. I am a father of Scout and Jem, my daughter is 12 years and my son is 8 years old. Jem think I am boring father; I am a single parent of jem and scout. I am well educated and honourable person in the May comb.
I am defending against the white people so they think i am a bad person because I am helping black men. I think Tom Robinson is the good men, but there was no one to help Tom Robinson because the white people don’t want to defend for him they think he is a black men. The case I am defending as a Tom Robinson is he falsely accused to rape a white girl called Mayella Ewell. I know before I begins that I am going to lose this case, but that doesn’t stop me from giving Tom the strongest defense I possibly can. And importantly, I doesn’t put so much effort into Tom’s case because he’s an African American, but because he is innocent. Atticus feels that the justice system should be colour blind, and he defends Tom as an innocent man, not a man of colour. I defended very well and proved to everybody that Thomas was innocent, but because Tom is black he lost the case. Like we all know, Mr. Ewell is a lying rat but he still won the case. I just can’t believe that even he would do such a thin’ to his daughter, his own flesh an’ blood an’ then force her to lie about it, but Tom couldn’t win the case either so we’ll just have to forget about it for now.

18 01 2015

um jem is 12 and scout is 8. not the other way round.

15 06 2015
Aimee Selina Turton

Dear Diary,

Today was my first day at school and I hated it, Miss Caroline our teacher was so cruel and when I told her why Walter Cunningham couldn’t pay for his lunch she slapped me me with her ruler. I thought we were gonna make a deal when she told me to stick my hand out but she got the ruler out and slapped me hard, it was all Walter Cunninghams fault. I was so angry when we all got out of class that I hit him and he didn’t even fight back! He’s what Dill would call a sissy. When Jem came over and I explained my side I thought he would hit Walter too, he certainly deserved it. Jem didn’t help me get him instead he invited him round for lunch! At ours! I couldn’t believe it especially when Walter poured so much gravy on his food, it was unspeakably rude, so I pointed it out and Calpurnia took me into the kitchen told me off and spanked me with her strong hands which felt very much like the wooden bed slats Jem and I have. When we went back into eat Atticus glared at me… Well he always was on Calpurnias side. When we went back in after lunch Miss Caroline told me off for learning to read and said that Atticus had taught me. He most certainly had not! I had learnt by sitting on his lap each evening and following the paper as he read until the fuzzy black lines turned into letters which I was eventual able to piece into words. When I came home for the evening I was tired and upset, I never wanted to go to school again! I became fixated on the idea of staying at home like Burris Ewell and getting Calpurnia to teach me, that is until Atticus came home and told me that certain people they would bend the law for but for me the law would stay fixed. I was tearful until Atticus made me a deal which I was speak to you in a hushed voice, if I go to school I can continue to read.

I write this happily to you diary,

A/N I know this was posted long ago (okay 5 years ago) but we’re doing this at school and I decided to write it. I go to school in London and am in Year Nine. If your reading this hi from England.


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