Vocabulary Appreciation with Shrek

23 09 2010

How is it possible to associate the following words to the movie?

Recourse innate mutable compliance indestructible prevalent compatible perception axiom inanimate militant transitory incentive encompass postulate stringent implacable retribution pivotal transcend

The video will help you to understand why axiom and postulate are associated with the movie.




4 responses

23 09 2010

Did you already do the activity with the students? How did it go?

23 09 2010

Not yet. The quiz is on Monday, September 27th. I will see its effectivity on Tuesday.

23 09 2010

I think it is very creative how you have the “Shrek” theme for your vocabulary. The students must love it!

23 09 2010

It requires a fair amount of time, but usually five to six words jump out and I associate them with a popular movie. I am always available if you need assistance, Kentucky.

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