NaNoWriMo 2010 in full swing

3 11 2010

The students at CPN have begun their novels, some with gusto and others with apathy. Even those students that started with nothing on Monday now have 1,000 words. Only a small portion of the seniors seems motivated. Hope the NaNoWriMo fever hits them soon. Unfortunately, I had to lower my word count to 25,000 due to a sore right shoulder. I am right-handed, so writing and typing with my left hand is impeding me from reaching my desired goal. Hope I can write and type with both hands soon.




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5 11 2010

I am surprised that the seniors are so slow in getting started. I really thought they would take over since they have experience with the NaNoWriMo process from last year.

They must have senioritis. Have you found a cure yet?

5 11 2010

They are very lazy this year and seem to have lost their enthusiasm due to the fact that they now have chronic absentallthetimeitis. “Illness” and college visits seem to also have an effect.

10 11 2010

My Seniors assure me that all will complete their NaNoWriMo novels on time and that they will work hard next week, since there are no tests on the horizon due to MSA. When I pointed out that time management and goal setting is also an essential part of our objectives for NaNoWriMo. They looked a little abashed and promised to get to work. We shall see.

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