My Writing

28 11 2010

Why can’t a dragon be PINK?
Why are dragons never pink?
Is it because they stink?
Why do dragons breathe fire?
Is it because a hot mouth indicates a liar?
Why do dragons get a bad rep?
Is it because they lack natural pep?
Why do dragons fly so high?
Is it because it’s more pleasant in the sky?
Why can’t a dragon be my friend?
Is it because all my other friendships will come to an end?
Dragons are friends, have pep, are not liars, and don’t stink.
So why can’t a dragon be pink?

My Protagonist: A secretary
My Villain: a dragon
My setting: a car

Once upon a time, there was a princess/secretary. Because she wanted no one at work to know of her royal status, she would change her royal attire inside her car. One fateful day, she neglected to bring her professional attire. As a consequence, she was afraid to go to work for fear of being discovered. As she wept bitter tears, a sly pink dragon approached. The princess/secretary immediately recognized the pink dragon as the nemesis of her kingdom. The princess/secretary was scared, but when the pink dragon held up a sign that read- I mean you no harm. I swear I can help. The princess/secretary allowed the pink dragon into her car. The princess/secretary explained her predicament to a sympathetic dragon. When the princess/secretary asked for help, the dragon smiled slyly. Suddenly, the princess/secretary’s attire transformed into a pink dragon costume. “There”, said the dragon. “Now you are as beautiful as I am.” With a guffaw, the dragon flew out of the car and into the pink sunset, leaving behind a distressed princess/secretary who had just learned a valuable lesson.

My Favorite Pet
Koalas are cute,
Koalas are cuddly,
Koalas are cute and cuddly,
Koalas are dangerous,
Koalas are not pets.
I wish I had a koala as a pet,
to draw my enemies close;
hypnotize them with the cute and cuddly
yet dangerous koala.
They will never suspect
that my koala,
although cute and cuddly,
will rip them to shreds
while looking cute and cuddly.

My first woke-up-screaming-and-had-to-sleep-with-my-parents nightmare
It stated with a candle. Just like in the movies. It was first just the flame, with its blue, yellow, orange flame. Then it was the wick, charred black with use. Then the dripping candle, wax dripping slowly down into a pool.
Two figures were near the candle, faces shrouded in the shadows that leaped from the flame. Whispering voices, furtive glances they gave each other. All this I could see from the tiny peephole. Whisper aftr whisper was inaudible, until it finally made sense.
“We’re gonna kill that little girl.”
There was only one little girl in the building, me. Without warning, they both looked directly at the peephole. I screamed and ran for my life. I could hear the footsteps of two individuals right behind me. I tried to look for a safe haven but I was suddenly surrounded.
I felt each and every stab wound as they stabbed me inclemently. They left me lying in a pool of blood, blood was dripping from my body the way wax drips from a candle.




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