Movies and TV series to watch

I enjoy pop culture. Some assignments require the knowledge of certain movies and TV series. Follow the ratings of the Motion Picture Association’s rating system. Bold indicates mature subject matter.

* Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl(only good one, in my opinion)
* Batman Begins
* The Matrix
* V for Vendetta
* Kung Fu Panda
* The Mummy
* Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse
* Titanic
* The Little Mermaid
* District 9
* Nine( Tim Burton)
* All of the Harry Potter films
* Alice in Wonderland
* Julius Caesar
* Of Mice and Men
* To Kill a Mockingbird
* 1984
* The Simpons:Treehouse of Horror( all of them)
* Spiderman(not the 3rd one!)
* The Dark Knight
* The Lord of the Rings trilogy
* Elizabeth
* Atonement
* Pride and Prejudice
* The Princess Bride
* The Notebook
* Westward the Women (really old movie from the 50’s, but a testament to the strength of women)
* The Lion King
* Romeo and Juliet
* Stardust
* Shrek( all four)
* War of the Worlds
* Inception
* Family Guy
* Top Chef
* Project Runway
* American Dad
*Ever After: A Cinderella Story
*Beauty and the Beast
* Mulan
* A Knight’s Tale
*Toy Story ( all three)
* Scott Pilgrim vs. the world


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